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Dunkin’ leaves a bad taste

Dunkin’ Donuts may be an official sponsor of Liverpool Football Club, but they attracted the ire of fans after a tweet in which the American company replaced the “eternal flames” with milkshakes on the club’s emblem.

The eternal flames were added to the crest in 1993 in memory of the 96 fans who died in the Hillsborough tragedy in 1989.

But it didn’t stop there. Dunkin’ also replaced the Shankly gates at the top of the crest with a picture of donuts and coffee, and instead of the motto “You’ll never walk alone”, they substituted their own slogan “America runs on Dunkin’”.

All-in-all, it was a big faux pas.

“Insensitive” Dunkin’ says sorry

Reds fans took to social media in retaliation, forcing Dunkin’ to take down the tweet and issue an apology. In a statement published in the Liverpool Echo, the company said, “We apologise for any insensitivity regarding our tweet supporting an LFC-themed promotion featuring the LFC crest… We did not intend any offence.”

Liverpool signed a multi-million pound deal with the donut and coffee company in January 2014, which saw Dunkin’ become the club’s official coffee, tea, and bakery provider.

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The national WWII Museum honored actor Tom Hanks and NBC News Correspondent Tom Brokaw with the American Spirit Award to recognize their work in documenting stories and educating others on the second World War.

Both men have been supporters of the museum since it opened in 2000 in New Orleans. The museum is now the fourth most popular museum in the country, and uses a multimedia approach to tell stories from the era, with Hanks the producer and narrator of a film for the museum.

Brokaw, who himself grew up on an army base, told Morning Joe that it’s important that WWII veterans, who are now at the mortality stage of their lives, know how much they are appreciated. “This museum is really symbolic of what they did,” he said.

Hanks explained that he tries to keep the memories alive by finding the human stories and telling them from a human perspective, to “find the reality and to not just celebrate the nostalgia.”

Brokaw describes the museum as a national treasure that “took off in a way that we never anticipated”.

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Is Scott Walker ready to battle for the White House?

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker made headlines after refusing to definitively answer a question that was put to him by the Washington Post, on whether he thought President Barack Obama was a Christian. Instead he replied with “I don’t know…I’ve never asked him that. You’ve asked me to make statements about people that I haven’t had a conversation with about that”.

With answers like this, it’s lead some Republicans to question whether Walker is ready to be their presidential nominee for 2016.

Answer the question, Scott Walker

After making those comments, Walker’s communications director released a statement saying that “of course, the Governor thinks the President is a Christian… but he thinks these kinds of gotcha questions distract from what’s he’s doing as Governor of Wisconsin.”

That’s all well and good Gov. Walker, but couldn’t you have said this at the time you were asked the question?

John Heilemann of Bloomberg Politics told Morning Joe he thinks it was a reasonable question to ask and it had an easy answer, so Walker should play by the rules of mainstream media.

Matt Lewis, a contributor to The Daily Beast, agreed saying it was a softball question. “If you’re Scott Walker and trying win the election, you can’t be stupid. You have to answer these questions effectively,” he said. “This is the big leagues. Presidential nominees who want to win do not stumble over these questions.”

Is there a double standard in the media?

The Walker controversy comes after Rudy Giuliani created his own media storm with outlets criticizing the former New York Mayor for saying he didn’t believe that Obama “loves America”.

Joe thinks that while Giuliani’s comments were “off there hook”, there is a double standard in the mainstream media. “How many times have Democrats called George W. Bush and Republicans unpatriotic over the past 10-15 years?… But no one in the mainstream media cares”.

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