Common Ground

Paul Ryan’s recent appearance on Morning Joe is a must-see. Ryan made it clear that there are areas of real agreement between him and the President. Trade is one. The trade agreement Obama is pursuing with Asian nations will mean more jobs here at home. Tax reform is another area with some common ground.

There’s Always a But

Ryan strongly disagrees with the President’s glowing portrayal of our economy and foreign policy. “If you were living on another planet for the last six years and you just parachuted in, you’d think everything’s going great, that the policies are perfect. But that’s just not the case, and what I worry about is that he actually believes this alternative universe.”

Cause for Optimism

Ryan is excited to remain in Congress (he’s not running for President or VP) and is optimistic about working with the President to solve important problems over the next two years. He sees tax reform as the key to growing our economy and providing more opportunity, and the Earned Income Tax Credit in particular as one of the smarter ways of getting people from welfare to work. “This country has to address poverty head-on. We’ve got to stop measuring things by how much money we spend, how many programs we create, but we need to start measuring our efforts by our outcomes, our results—are we getting people out of poverty?”

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Goal-less at Anfield

Liverpool and Bolton will be forced to replay their 4th round FA Cup match after the game ended in a frustrating nil-all draw at Anfield.

Bolton was confident at the start, with former Liverpool striker, Emile Heskey, leading the way, while the Reds were kept at bay after a number of vital saves by Bolton goalkeeper, Adam Bogdan.

On the upside, at least the Reds weren’t knocked out of the FA Cup, like fellow heavyweights Chelsea and Manchester City, who lost their respective matches on the same day.

Balotelli: you’ve been warned

Mario Balotelli was a notable omission from the starting line up, after Brendan Rodgers decided not to play him because he is under performing in training and doesn’t fit in with the current style of play.

The Reds manager said he had an hour long chat with the striker, and that Balotelli has learned what is expected of him.

“ He knows now the level of what this team is at. You see the aggression in our game. If you can’t do that, then you’re not going to be part of what this team is trying to achieve,” Rodger said.

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Price tag of Juno

While New York City got lucky and dodged the worst of Winter Storm Juno, the shutdown of businesses, airports, and other major transportation systems meant a hefty cost to the economy.

Economic analyst Steve Rattner told Morning Joe there was no getting around the economic impact of the loss of a whole business day. He thinks that Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill De Blasio “will come off this well, even though you could argue we were over-prepared for it.”

Snow: make or break for politicians

Rattner also said snow can be a potential career-ender for a lot of politicians, and that is why it’s important to be prepared.

Snow was the downfall of John Lindsay, who was the Mayor of New York during the 1969 blizzard, and was hoping to run for President. He faced political backlash and was criticized for giving favorable treatment to Manhattan at the expense of the boroughs when a storm dumped 15 inches of snow on New York.

Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg was also forced to admit he screwed up the clean up effort of a blizzard 2010, as parts of western Queens, south Brooklyn, and Staten Island were left unplowed for days.

Don’t get it wrong twice

Even Mayor De Blasio copped criticism a year ago shortly after he entered office, when Upper East Side residents were in uproar that their streets were unplowed after a snowstorm in January 2014.

And while critics have said De Blasio has overreacted to this year’s storm, which forecasters had lined up to be one of the great blizzards of the last few decades, one could argue the Mayor made the right decision to be over-prepared for the sake of his political career: at least that’s what history tells us.

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