I was asked by the Morning Joe team to write a song for the promo that Louis, Mika and I put together. We pulled in some of the best musicians in the city from Saturday Night Live and top blues clubs. We even brought in a legend or two from Chicago to record “Blue Dawn.”

The band blew me away but then again so did Roz Brown. What’s new? She’s an incredible singer who blows me away every time she comes into
a studio to record songs with me.

The gospel/blues song is not my usual style, but that just made it even more fun.



Liverpool has provided its fans a wild ride over the past few years. From despair to jubilation to, well, despair after Stevie’s slip, the emotional rollercoaster has been dizzying. But even after the loss to Man City last week, LFC has much to be excited about.

With Sturridge, Sterling, Coutinho and wildman Mario Balotelli up front, expect Liverpool to find the back of the net over the next year. It will take a few months for everybody to slip into their proper roles, but it will happen. With Lovren’s addition, Liverpool’s back line will also be more effective once they gel as a unit. Add to that a championship draw that sends the Reds to face off against Real Madrid in Europe and you have the makings of a magical season. Hopefully, our good run will begin this Labor Day weekend against Tottenham.

One final note: Xabi Alonso showed once again why he has always been a fan favorite at Anfield. The midfielder passed up a return to the Premier League because he said he didn’t want to play for any team in England other than Liverpool. Let’s hope my favorite Liverpool alum has one more stop in him before the end of his career.

YNWA!– Liverpool


Morning Joe sent out thanks to President Barack Obama for having the courage to respond to the humanitarian crisis in Iraq. Despite their differences on other policy issues, Scarborough still used his influential news show to express support for the president’s fight against a terrorist group who is practicing religious genocide against Muslims and Christians.

“Let the historians pick apart this presidency later,” Joe said this week. “They can slam George W. Bush for what he did in Iraq and go after Barack Obama for what he didn’t do years from now. But the tragic events of these past few days show that America’s humble leadership is needed more than ever. The world is getting more dangerous by the day. We now need to look forward together and make sure politics ends at the water’s edge.”