On my backstory with Rubio: There isn’t one

By Monday, February 8, 2016 0 , Permalink

Sen. Marco Rubio’s campaign has spent the past six months shopping a story to news organizations that suggests my reporting has been influenced by some long-held personal grudge between Rubio and myself. It’s an interesting narrative, but it’s not true.

Several reporters have called this afternoon saying the Rubio camp is shopping this story again with increased intensity because of my interview with Rick Santorum. I had the temerity to ask Santorum to list one accomplishment of Rubio. He couldn’t, but the campaign is trying to limit damage by suggesting there is some hidden back story. There isn’t.

Since the Rubio campaign has been shopping this false tale for six months now, and since reporters always find there is nothing to the story, I thought I would save editors some time.

I have never met Rubio. Though we both come from the same state, Florida is a really big state.

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