Is Morning Joe The Most Influential News Show In The World? Jeffrey Sachs Thinks So

Like the Beach Boys, Jeffrey Sachs gets around. As Director of The Earth Institute and Special Advisor to the United Nations Secretary-General, Professor Sachs ceaselessly travels the world in his fight against poverty. After returning from his latest trip overseas, the internationally renowned professor let Joe and Mika in on a little secret about their American news program.

“People love Morning Joe in sub-Saharan Africa, at the Vatican, and all over the world. It is unbelievable. I can be in any place in the world and I hear, “Hey I saw you last week on Morning Joe.” I heard it when I was in Ethiopia, when I was in Rwanda, and I’m just hearing it everywhere.

“I know we’re ironic around here a lot of times,” Joe joined in, “but we are shocked when we hear the same thing all the time.”

Dr. Sachs replied quickly, “No question. Absolutely. They’re watching it and they’re tweeting it out!”

That’s what you call worldwide reach. Maybe they should rename it “Morning Globe!”

Joe and Mika Chill For A Good Cause, Drag in Cool Friends to Help!

Proving again that they can never do anything half way, Joe and Mika put themselves in a deep freeze to help cure ALS. The Ice Bucket Challenge made it to the set of Morning Joe where the two got hammered with an arctic blast of ice cold water. Instead of throwing a bucket of ice over Joe’s head, Mika and the gang went all in and filled up large plastic garbage cans with loads of ice and freezing water.

The MoJoe staff loved it.

“This wasn’t personal–well, okay, maybe it was,” smirked Hollyweird host Louis Burgdorf, “but since it was for a good cause, it was great being able to pay Joe back for all those late nights stuck in airports while traveling with him around the country.”

Some in the Twittersphere noticed that Mika stayed mostly dry while Joe experienced the full brunt of the icy impact. “Typical,” laughed Joe.

Joe and Mika’s families joined in for the fun, including Emilie on her last day before leaving for college. What a way to end your 18 years at home!

The Morning Joe pair challenged Carole King and Lyle Lovett to take the challenge, which the two music stars promptly did. Carole later confirmed that the chilly Idaho stream poured over her head was probably even colder than what Joe experienced.

“How great Carole and Lyle are to pitch in and help,” Joe said right after the challenge. “They’re such great friends,” added Mika before running to the green room to inspect her mostly dry hair.

Carole King made good on the challenge

Your turn Lyle!

Joe on Politics Ending at Water’s Edge

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Morning Joe sent out thanks to President Barack Obama for having the courage to respond to the humanitarian crisis in Iraq. Despite their differences on other policy issues, Scarborough still used his influential news show to express support for the president’s fight against a terrorist group who is practicing religious genocide against Muslims and Christians.

“Let the historians pick apart this presidency later,” Joe said this week. “They can slam George W. Bush for what he did in Iraq and go after Barack Obama for what he didn’t do years from now. But the tragic events of these past few days show that America’s humble leadership is needed more than ever. The world is getting more dangerous by the day. We now need to look forward together and make sure politics ends at the water’s edge.”

Sad News On The Passing Of The Colonel

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Joe and his kids have spent the past few weeks mourning the loss of the children’s little kitten Oreo (A.K.A. “The Colonel”). The family found out that their sweet little kitty was born with a blood disease that had quickly taken the life of her sister. While the family was always hopeful she would beat the disease, she never gained weight and passed away peacefully a few weeks back. Kate and Jack are planning a memorial service in the backyard before school starts. Joe and the kids only had the Colonel for a short time but will always remember her sweetness and how she made everyone laugh.

Colonel, you will be missed!

Joe and Mika take the Ice Bucket Challenge

Videos of the Ice Bucket Challenge continue to flood news feeds as the donations numbers climb higher and higher. The ALS Association is happy to announce that this is the most successful advocacy the organization has ever had, so it was a pleasure for Joe and Mika to be nominated by Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal to take the challenge surrounded by their children and friends. 


Read the source article at msnbc.com