NB Special: Scarborough on The Truth About ISIS


Much has been made over Barack Obama’s refusal to call out Islamic extremism by name. His clumsy attempt at the Prayer Breakfast to link groups like ISIS with Christianity was embarrassing, even by the president’s own standards. For some reason, American and European liberals continue to damage their reputations by awkwardly attempting to obfuscate the reality of Islamist terror that even Arab leaders now bravely confront. How disappointing that most media outlets lack that same courage, even though they sit in the safety of their New York newsrooms.

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Scott Walker’s unforced errors

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A conservative cynic might conclude that Scott Walker has arrived as a national political figure based on the number of headlines generated by the inane questions the Wisconsin governor has been asked about evolution, the president’s patriotism, and his beliefs about Obama’s beliefs. Scott Walker’s fumbled answers to those questions…

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Too early to dismiss Chris Christie – POLITICO.com

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Much has been written and said about Chris Christie’s fall, from being hailed as the GOP’s brightest rising star in 2013 to being dismissed in the New York Times and Washington Post as an out-of-touch has-been. Those articles, like much of the commentary on news shows like “Morning Joe,” have picked apart Governor Christie’s management style, his approach to the press, and a series of miscues that followed his massive reelection landslide just 15 months ago.


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