Commuting Thoughts of a Run

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On my long commute home at the start of this holiday weekend, I did an interview with Hugh Hewitt, who asked as he always does if I am thinking of running for president next year.

I said “No.”

It was the end of a long week for Joe and during his commute home, he was asked in an interview whether he was considering running for president next year.

The question came from radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt, who also asked whether he would want Florida Senator Marco Rubio’s seat in 2016. The answer to both questions was no.

But Joe did admit if he was to run, it would be in Florida and it would make more sense in 2018 than 2016.

It’s funny how fast news travels.

The Washington Post’s Erik Wemple then wrote to Joe to ask whether he was actually serious about running.

Joe emailed back with a no, explaining that he’s contracted with NBC until 2019 and that “if I ever get back into public service, I suspect it’s at least a decade away, and I doubt I will even then”.

But that probably won’t stop Hewitt from continuing to ask the question.

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Stumbling through history – Joe Scarborough – POLITICO

What happened America?

In an essay for Politico, Joe asks “how did U.S. foreign policy end up in such disarray?” The start of the 21st century has seen the emergence of ISIL, an apocalyptic Syria, continued Iran tensions, and America’s relationship with its ally, Israel,  at a all-time low. And that’s only some of the problems that have surfaced in the Middle East.

America is fast losing its historic advantage in terms of military, economic and cultural dominance, and Joe believes history books will lay the blame with George W. Bush and Barack Obama. Liberal historians will likely trace it back to former President Bush’s decision to go to war with , while conservative historians might say that although Obama inherited an unfocused foreign policy, he made it even worse by retreating too quickly from Iraq, ignoring ISIL, and desperately pursuing a nuclear deal with Iran.

“In the end, Bush and Obama were clearly overmatched by the events of their day”.

There is no doubt the next President will have much to do in terms of the Middle East, and Joe ends his piece with this line: “let us hope that America’s next commander in chief does more that react reflexively to a terror attack or the excesses of the president he replaced”.


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NB Special: Scarborough on The Truth About ISIS


Much has been made over Barack Obama’s refusal to call out Islamic extremism by name. His clumsy attempt at the Prayer Breakfast to link groups like ISIS with Christianity was embarrassing, even by the president’s own standards. For some reason, American and European liberals continue to damage their reputations by awkwardly attempting to obfuscate the reality of Islamist terror that even Arab leaders now bravely confront. How disappointing that most media outlets lack that same courage, even though they sit in the safety of their New York newsrooms.

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